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    Teaching workplace skills to teens & young adults, transforming them into valued employees & customer service ambassadors.

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  • Employer Benefits

    Waves University graduates have been educated & certified in personal appearance and workplace professionalism. Hire right the 1st time!

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  • Students Benefit

    Graduates of Waves University are taught skills necessary to become successful in the workplace and in life. Gain your edge at Waves U!

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    Move the needle from good to GREAT! Start your class now to learn valuable workplace skills and gain an edge over the competition.

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    Want more control on branding and content? Now you can. The online interactive training program is now available to be branded as your own.

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Waves University

Welcome to the First Day of Class!

WAVES University is a web based youth job training and certification course designed to be a first job training program. The employment training is based around the WAVES for Success system for improving teenage and young adult workplace performance. Successful graduates learn how to present themselves professionally in a customer service based workplace. Employers feel confident that their teenage workforce have been taught how to serve customers in an exemplary fashion.

Employer Benefits

  • Pre-qualified employees
  • Better communication
  • Reliable customer service
  • Motivated workforce

Students Learn

  • Personal responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Reliability & integrity
  • Work ethic & pride

Ready to enroll? Visit our store to purchase admission to WAVES University. If you already have an admission code, please visit our student page to start your class.

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Success Stories

  • The employees we hired this year were the best EVER, thanks to WAVES for Success consulting. Our employee turnover decreased, employee satisfaction increased, resulting in the best year I've had managing. I wish we would have hired you years ago. THANK YOU WAVES UNIVERSITY!
    Kevin Kauffman - Adventure Park USA

  • Nobody knows more about the teenage workforce than Waves University. Our attendees gave him top marks for his perceptive insight into this key group of employees. Top class information from a top class presenter. You won't leave one of his seminars without several ideas for improving your team.
    Eamon Connor - Senior Education Program Manager, IAAPA

  • Without you, our event wouldn't have been as successful as it is. Your program was fascinating and important to the delegates.
    Stephanie Azores - Program Manager, Western Fairs Association

  • WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success seminar was a great success. Ken's creative content, energy and enthusiasm inspired our managers and supervisors to take a fresh look at how we should motivate our teenage staff. Ken's approach works... and we are now on our way to exceeding our customer service priorities.
    Charles Canfield - Pres. Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

  • I was a little hesitant to take on another training product until I noticed this product was different. The manner in which it’s given is very interactive and speaks the language of today teens which helps them understand and retain the information. I highly recommend it.
    Sally Jo - Great America.

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